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How does COVID-19 (coronavirus) affect Dental 99?

Please see our new COVID-19 page for all our coronavirus-related information.

What procedures can be done at a Dental 99 practice?

We concentrate on what encapsulates over 90% of dentistry as a whole. We do clean and checkups (including X-rays) we do fillings for all teeth, we manage dental pain and we do simple extractions. Every procedure is $99!

Help! I’m in a lot of pain and need an appointment ASAP?

Good news, when you download the app there is an option to book an appointment for patients who are in pain and want the earliest available appointment.

If I need complex treatment and I need to see a dentist for other treatment how do I access my X-rays and records?

We are 100% transparent and will not make you jump through hoop after hoop to access YOUR RECORDS. You will receive any X-rays, photos, dental notes and recommendations almost immediately after your treatment is finished.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking you download the Dental 99 app at the App store or Android Store and make a booking from there.

I want to book my whole family with Dental 99! How do I make these appointments with the app?

Any adult can book their children in with their app. There are easy prompts for you to use our app and book them in at the same time as you.

Can I call to make a booking?

All appointments are made through the app. We do have a live chat service if you need any help trouble shooting?

My dentist says I need a root canal therapy. Can I get this treatment completed at Dental 99?

We do not do a full service root canal therapies. We can start them and remove the nerve to get you out of pain, however you will need to see another dentist or endodontist (root canal therapy specialist) to complete the treatment.

I have seen my dentist recently and he has said I need a lot of treatment. Can I come to a Dental 99 practice to get my treatment started?

Yes! If you can bring all your dental information, we can get started on your treatment. It is ideal for you to have a check up with one of our dentists to confirm your necessary treatment and we can start from there.

I have been told I need my wisdom teeth extracted. Can I get my wisdom teeth taken extracted with Dental 99?

We may be able to take out your wisdom teeth if your wisdom teeth can be taken out with simple extractions. In most cases, we may be able to extract your upper wisdom teeth but lower wisdom teeth extractions are complex and will need to be seen by a dentist or specialist that focuses on wisdom teeth extractions. We would be more than happy to assess your suitability at a Dental 99 Clean and checkup appointment.

I have been told I need crowns and veneers on my teeth. Can I get this done with a Dental 99 dentist?

At this stage, we will not be doing crowns. We focus on general dentistry and with this focus we do it very well. We can do fillings that will form the base for the crowns (cores) if necessary, that will give you the time to get your crown completed elsewhere.

Can I walk into a Dental 99 centre to be seen or to make an appointment?

You can absolutely walk in, however you will need to download the app when your there to check availability and to make an appointment.

Can I claim a Dental 99 procedure on my health insurance?

You sure can! At the end of your treatment we will send you a receipt and invoice that you can send to your insurer in person or through one of their apps to receive your rebate.

My child is eligible for Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS). Can they be seen at a Dental 99 practice?

Yes! If your child is eligible then you can book him or her an appointment with us. Our app will ask you for your child’s medicare number to make the booking. Our app will also require you to offer an alternate payment method (e.g. a credit card) in case your child proves ineligible, or has used up their CDBS allowance at the time of the appointment. We will handle the claim and, if required, payment processing automatically. Learn more